Banjo Bolt M10 x 1.00mm L=20mm Stainless Steel - Set of 2 pcs

Banjo Bolt M10 x 1.00mm L=20mm Stainless Steel - Set of 2 pcs

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product description:

Set of two Banjo Bolts each with 2x copper crush washers for Tight Secure & Leak Free Connection

CNC Machined in Quality Grade Stainless Steel 303. Made in EU. Precision component.

Thread Size M10 x 1.00mm thread pitch

Length (excluding head) 20mm

Suitable to use with M10 (10mm I.D) Banjo Eye

Before the purchase please make sure that the length and thread size of the bolt is correct for your application

PrecisionGeek are very proud that our stainless steel and aluminum fittings are all made in-house on our own Star CNC Machines. From speaker spikes through RC parts to banjo bolts — everything is machined from solid stainless steel and other quality grade metals to exact specifications meaning that quality control is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. It means we can react to new demands, improve and assess each component and offer the best quality solution to any requirement. It also means that we can react to new products required immediately — If you feel there is a new product which we could add to our catalogue please get in touch and we will be happy to offer a quotation. All manufactured in the EU on our own machinery — It's very rare today when many items are simply bought in. We are a company that actually cuts its own metal in-house.

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We are Manchester based, family run precision engineering company, specialising in high precision components for any industrial or domestic use. We operate on "State of the art" £100 000 Japanese CNC machine, which gives us advantage against competitors. Due to huge demand for our products from all over the world, we expanding rapidly, and we are looking forward to the future

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